Dagnall Language Institute: flexible tailor made for the best result!

Dagnall Language Institute wants to familiarise people and companies with the proper functioning of language and help them participate in an international environment in which language counts. We want people to enjoy communicating in a foreign language and because cultural differences sometimes pose a barrier to communication, we make sure we pay a great deal of attention to this in our courses.

Dagnall Language Institute has provided tailor made language courses for businesses, non-profit organisations and public authorities since 1982. The courses can be taken in our own training centre in Assen or at the customer’s location.

We decide on the preferred course structure in consultation with the customer. For example, an intensive one-to-one course for quick results or a weekly group course for several people from the same department. We also have extensive experience with blended learning: a combination of face to face contact hours and e-learning.

Dagnall specialises in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch (NT1 and NT2) language courses. Most other languages, for example Russian, Polish and modern standard Arabic, can also be studied upon request.